My professional role

My core values mean my basic thing is I’m here to empower you (see my Ethics). But technically I’m a “tax adviser” and an “agent”. This means:

I support you by telling you what the tax laws say, how you might apply that to your situation, and what happens if you don’t comply.

My role is limited: I can’t make decisions for you – and I won’t make them for you. You ultimately are responsible for everything that’s filed in your name.

I can be an interpreter for you in interacting with HMRC – explain stuff, contextualise stuff, and translate HMRC language into terms that are meaningful to you.

I support your interests when I’m interacting with HMRC on your behalf. I’m not an agent for HMRC; I’m an agent for you.

My responsibility is to make sure I know what the law currently says, to say when I don’t know or I’m getting out of my depth, and to exercise my technical skills competently when preparing your stuff.

I also have a responsibility to alert you that you are not complying or you’re at risk of not complying.

If you’re not complying with the law, I’m allowed to work with you towards regularising your tax position. I’m not allowed to support you to continue to break the law.

I must also comply with all relevant laws so that I stay registered and able to keep offering my service,