We call Bloodwood Accounting a community accounting service.

We offer most of the standard accounting services – tax returns, corporation tax, VAT, bookkeeping and so on. Between us we have 30 years experience accounting in SMEs, including some of our own businesses, as well as in co-operatives, voluntary community organisations and government funded community services.

The basis of our service is an attitude of empowerment – empowering our clients around money, and empowering our communities around finance and the local economy.  An empowerment attitude means that if we work ourselves out of a job because our clients have become adept in their own money management then that’s a job well done. We’re very happy to simply do the accounting work. We’re equally happy to train people in doing it themselves. Mixing these two together is delightful.

We also get juice from empowering us all to live the life paths that nourish our souls, spark our creativity, and deeply connect us with The World.  Both of us live our lives in relatively marginalised spaces: gender, sexuality and relationship diverse, and intersectional-inclusive.  Our identities and lives are not usually associated with the ‘hard-headed’ or ‘rational’ world of finance and money.  But there are many spiritual aspects to money and our relationship with it – you can read more in our blog posts.

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