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Value, Money and Privilege

I recognise I create value for the community by offering my skills and knowledge in an accessible way i.e. being queer-trans in the queer-conscious-sex-positive community, and offering my service as cheaply and as flexibly as I can sustain.
I know that value is recognised, because I often get feedback about it.  Which is extremely lovely.
But at least two things that can get in the way of that value flowing into the community: money, and privilege.

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Money is a litmus test of spiritual alignment

It’s very common among people with a spiritual bent that money, commercialism and profit are seen as a negative. As Bob Dylan once said, “Money doesn’t talk; it swears obscenities.”  Even more comprehensive is the old aphorism “Money is the root of all evil.”

I think these quotes don’t actually talk about money itself. Rather, they reflect one aspect of the very schizophrenic attitude that the West has towards money. On the one hand money is inherently bad and as far away from ‘spiritual’ as you can get.  On the other hand money is the main measure of social success and progress Continue reading Money is a litmus test of spiritual alignment