How I Work

I don’t have set fees or plans. Basically I charge out my time at £90/hour for whatever time I spend on your stuff, including emails, phone etc. This means you can get “pizza by the slice”, so to speak – you pay only for what you want. So I can be involved with you as much or as little as you want, and flexibly respond as your situation changes.

By the end of our initial chat I’d be able to give an estimate of costs if you ask for that. I’m happy also to work to budgets.

At the end of the month I send you an invoice, unless you ask for one earlier. You can pay with a debit card or bank transfer, and I ask that you pay me within 7 days. If I’ve done very little or no work for you in the month I wait til the invoice total builds up to about £30.

I ask all my clients to use Signal app for text, phone and video. It’s very secure and works like Whatsapp. We can also call from any number in any country for free since it’s a VOIP service. If you tell me a phone number I can send you an invite to it. My number below, so you recognise it when I send.

Please remember that mobile calls, ordinary texts, and emails are usually “open” communications channels i.e. not secure. Phone and video calls on Signal are secure. Sending sensitive documents by Signal is secure. If you use Protonmail, which I also use, our emails and attachments are fully encrypted.

I work very confidentially, which is crucial because we’re in interlinked community networks. By default I don’t tell anyone that you’re my client, but of course you’re free to tell whoever. At the same time sharing info about the connections between us can be really helpful too. I may ask you if you’re OK for me to say you’re my client – but I always assume “no”.

Because of our community connections I operate under “double confidentiality”: outside of our arranged work meetings I won’t mention our work together. You’re totally free to mention it, either to me or anyone at any time. But in addition to the confidentiality aspect, in non-work situations I’m very likely to not recall your client details, and also I may say I don’t have the right energy for that topic in the moment.

I work Tuesday to Friday, and have a week’s break every month. I set the breaks months in advance and post them on my website here (“Business Hours”), so you can always plan around them if needed. I do always keep an eye on emails for emergencies even when I’m on a break.

Stuff I’m obliged to say

Accountants are required by law to do a written assessment of your risk of money laundering and terrorist financing. For this I’m obliged to store a copy of your ID documents and also record some details of your business activities and how you handle money. This usually is fairly simple and takes about 30 minutes, and is part of the chargeable work I do for you.

All this stuff, and your tax records and associated data,are processed and securely stored in my accountancy online environment which is GDPR-compliant. You’ve got the right under GDPR to request at any time a copy of all of your data that I hold.

When we’ve agreed on conditions and the services you want I’ll need just a quick email from you saying all good. From when we engage to work together, you have 14 days in which to withdraw from the agreement. You can withdraw by emailing me, and I’ll securely delete any of your data I have on hand (except the emails about our engagement).

If you request it I will give you info of how you can complain about me to HMRC and to my professional support circle.

Finally, my contacts and physical address are in my email footer and in the top right of this screen.