I was a 1970s hippy in Australia, and lived an alternative lifestyle in intentional communities in the rainforest til I moved to London in 2012.

In those decades in the forest I had a whole life: major relationships, births and deaths, bought and sold different places, started and ran several businesses, and involved in a wide range of community projects, community groups and living-together communities.

Accounting came into my life back in the 1980s through co-operatives and programs to empower my local community around money and finance. I’ve stayed because I love the power of accounting systems, I love the routine of bookkeeping, and I’m a bit of a spreadsheet geek.

I was assigned male at birth and always struggled with masculinity, which led to a deep involvement with menswork and men’s community for 30 years.  When I ran into queer and trans communities in London, though, the penny dropped: it wasn’t masculinity I’d been fighting all my life but the whole gender binary. I’m clearly non-binary and, looking back at old photos, have been all my life.

Now I especially love to serve my intersectional-inclusive communities by offering my skills, and working to develop skills and confidence around money and tax at a community level. And I seek to put my many vectors of privilege in service to my communities, intending to spread the power and to empower everyone.